Anita Moorjani: Dying to be me

I have to share this YouTube clip on the incredible near-death experience of Anita Moorjani who had terminal cancer with only couple of weeks to live. In the clip she gives an account of what it was like being in a coma – how when she was about to pass over her soul made a decision to come back.

Of course many are disbelievers in the hundreds of near death experiences that have been reported throughout the years….but this one is pretty incredible. When she woke up she was able to give an accurate account of what had been happening around her both in AND out of the hospital room – things that were well out of her earshot. What’s even more remarkable is that her organs were failing and not only did she wake up, but her terminal cancer miraculously disappeared within four days. Anita explains that while she was on ‘the other side’, her father told her that it wasn’t her time yet – that she needed to come back because her journey wasn’t complete and she had a purpose to fulfill.

What’s so inspiring about this story for me isn’t the wow factor of how she miraculously healed, which of course is pretty amazing. What really affected me is the message she wants to send out about what she learned from being on the other side. Anita dispels traditional beliefs about God and heaven, and says rather it is an all-encompassing loving energy that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Experiencing the intensity of this loving energy gave her the clarity to see she had been living in the opposite energy for most of her life – FEAR, where so many of us live. Fear of not fitting in, not having enough, not being good enough, etc.

Anita reminds us to love ourselves: “Be who you are, find your joy and live life with abandon”. I think she’s right, many of us are so plagued with self-loathing and fear that we manifest all sorts of negative events and illnesses in our lives. Fear is an energy that results from feeling we are separate from Source and from each other. Ultimately Anita reminds us we need to remember that we are all connected – to each other and that same universal energy.

Anita’s parting words:” When you lose your fear of death, you lose your fear of life.  Life is a gift, live it fully, love it, love yourself.”


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