About Renu

Renu Parmar

My story…..

Ultimately what drives my practice is my own experiences. It took me years to understand the impact childhood trauma had on me – emotional, physical and sexual trauma. This led to a whole host of problems as an adult!: pestering physical illnesses, unhealthy habits, painful relationships, and feelings of emptiness I could never quite fill.

When I finally did sort of understand the impact of my childhood, I wasn’t sure what to do. There wasn’t ONE ultimate solution. I questioned my beliefs about everything – my childhood, the universe, my own inadequacies at not being able to shift negative patterns that kept showing up in my life.

I then went on a big search and threw myself into seeing many traditional therapists. I realized I was most drawn to practical research backed up by science, and love to read about neuroscience and how reprogramming the brain can tangibly shift the body, mind and experiences we have in the outer world. At the same time, I went on a spiritual search and saw various healers who all gave me different insights. I took little tidbits and tools from each when I felt something really worked.  I also met some NOT good practitioners – flaky ones, weird ones, ones who didn’t run clean practices or were in it for the wrong reasons, but they served to teach me what I don’t want to do with my own clients. I was also fortunate enough to work with and study under traditional therapists/psychologists who mentored and trained me for years to incorporate spiritual healing into my own counselling practice. This is when everything truly clicked for me.  I then realized what worked most was a blend of traditional and spiritual counselling, one that included science, psychology, meditation and energy healing. I left my career as a secondary school teacher to pursue a career in teaching what I was most passionate about: Getting better and feeling better.

I have now integrated all the tools I’ve learnt to create a unique form of counselling, one that includes working with the brain and body to create lasting changes. I won’t say I have all the answers, and if anyone tells you that, they are lying! In fact, my beliefs are constantly evolving, and I keep uncovering different layers of myself I need to work on.

What makes me stand out from other therapists? Who am I to help you? Good questions. Well, I have been through a lot of trauma, and I have been through a lot of pain, and I have a deep empathy for what we are all going through in this crazy, messed up world. And my passion is this: to overcome things together, to talk, to heal, to move forward despite how crazy it is out there. I’ve been told I’m pretty good at this. That’s all I got!

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