About Renu

Renu Parmar

My story…..

For the last fifteen years I have  been a spiritual practitioner, doing Reiki and various energy healing techniques on clients.  If I’m not directly working with clients I spend my time researching various spiritual practices, always trying to incorporate new elements to my therapy.

Ultimately what drives my passion is my own experiences with pain and healing. I’ve had pestering physical illnesses that debilitated me, I had chronic insomnia, I was in a job I hated for several years and drew in very painful relationships. Negative patterns kept showing up in every single area in my life.  This is after I had already learned many healing techniques that just weren’t shifting things enough for me to see any changes in my life.

A few years ago I hit a crossroads where everything fell apart in a big way.  Things got worse  in just about every area of my life, and when I look at it now I realize it was a beautiful time where I had to dig deeper and be real with myself. I had to wade through the  darkness for the answers rather than just superficially wait for them to appear.  I questioned my beliefs about everything….God, the universe, science, healing…I wasn’t sure what I believed anymore. I wasn’t sure if what healers taught me was real, or if what I was doing with clients was even real. I wasn’t sure about anything. I began asking important questions in my search. How do I really heal and move forward with my life? How do I stop negative patterns in my life and start manifesting the things I truly desire?  What are my beliefs about helping other people do the same? Why are we all here on this earth?  None of this fluffy stuff, but what’s really going on here?

I was very fortunate to meet some fabulous people along the way – spiritual therapists, teachers, and healers who all gave me different insight. I also met some NOT good ones, but  they served to teach me things about trusting myself and my own healing process. Ultimately it was my commitment to spiritual work that allowed my life to change after many years of feeling trapped in my own story.

I have now integrated all the tools I’ve learnt to create a unique form of spiritual therapy, one that I hope empowers others to clear any perceived blocks they feel in their lives so they can come into alignment with  Divine Will, peace, and self-love.

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