About the brain/body connection

Much of my work involves my passion for quantum physics and neuroscience. Leading research over the last two decades suggests that through therapy and meditation, you can in fact work with the brain to drastically heal your body and change unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

A growing body of scientific research suggests what you perceive dictates your physical wellness. If you are perceiving stress, a whole set of hormones are released and neurological responses occur in the brain that alter  blood chemistry, thereby negatively affecting cells. You may have all sorts of things in there that you don’t even realize are stifling you. All of these messages are transmitted from your brain to your cells and stored there as cellular memory. They stay in your DNA and continue to affect you throughout your life. Much of what is stifling your growth is the subconscious mind. 95% of your mind is subconscious, which means you are only aware of 5% of what is going on. You might think to yourself, ‘But I DO believe I deserve the best!’ But only 5% of your mind is working to improve your life. The other 95% could potentially be holding negative memories, traumas, and limiting beliefs you inherited from family and the world around you, thereby unknowingly self-sabotaging your physical, mental and emotional reactions to life. The result is chronic health issues, poor choices, and negative patterns or vicious cycles that seem elusive in their origins.

The goal during a therapy session is to bring that subconscious to light, heal some of your beliefs, and do some reprogramming so you can feel lighter and make better choices. We want to a create a strong inner core that isn’t driven by your past experiences.  We want to get un-stuck. The way to do this is to work with your brain, your body, and your emotions all at once. There are many ways to do this. Please refer to my services page to see the list of ways I approach therapy.


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