The BEST green smoothie for breakfast!

I am what you call a green smoothie junkie…that along with coconut anything are my favourite things to consume right now.

I discovered green smoothies a year or too ago after my partner’s sister sent him a copy of ‘Green for life’ by Victoria Boutenko.    Now I thought I was a pretty healthy person and have been watching what I eat for a number of years since being diagnosed with Hashimotos.  This book blew me away!  Mr Muffin and I both started consuming a litre of green smoothie a day and are still going strong (apart from a few odd days here and there).  Victoria found that we need about two large bunches of greens a day to ensure optimum health and all you need is a big ass blender to juice those bad boys up!

We have noticed numerous benefits from drinking and eating them…. I make mine too thick!   They are the fastest way I know of to ensure you eat a whole bunch of greens that you would NEVER eat in solid form, you would literally be munching away all day long on raw brocolli. I love a good dose of raw food but that would be painful!  We use Kenwood but because I use it so much, she is starting to wear poor ole thing.  I’m thinking about getting a Vitamix, as I have heard pretty good things about them.

So…these are my big 5 favourite benefits!

1)  Fastest and easiest way to get vitamin, mineral  rich foods in huge quantities!  I don’t even chop them up, I just throw them into the blender and it’s blitzed in less than a minute 🙂 I get so much energy from my breakfast smoothie, it lasts me until lunch time.

2) Weight loss:   I wasn’t quite prepared for this one as I do not need to lose weight!  I am lucky enough to not have gained much because of my hashimotos but if you are having weight issues due to your thyroid, you MUST make smoothies a part of your daily food routine.  Be careful though if you are like me and do not want this to happen, make sure you are still consuming your normal meals or snack inbetween. The smoothies are very filling and if you add chia like we do, you will be full until lunch time!

3) Glowing skin!   Consuming smoothies has really helped my skin which still suffers from the odd break out.  It has gotten a lot clearer since drinking those green lovelies!

4) Super tasty and can replace a meal.  Use chia and you will stay fuller for longer, I’ve started drinking one at lunch as well as breakfast.   Especially great when doing a liquid detox. It will gives your organs ,particularly your stomach, a break from processing all that solid food.

5) A little gross but it will increase your bowel movements.  FABULOUS for detoxing and getting rid of that crap (literally) and toxins in your body.  We are all riddled with toxins in this day and age, particularly living in a city like London, the fibre in these greens will get everything moving. Yay smoothies!


Almond butter, banana and spinach breakfast smoothie……..mmmmm….yes please Mr Blender!


You will need:

2 handfuls of preferably organic spinach

1 Tsp almond butter

filtered water- gerally 2/3 cups will do it but you can add more or less depending on how you like it

1 banana 

1 cup organic apple juice or half an apple

1 stick of celery

1 Tsp of chia

Method:  Remember to place your liquid at the bottom of the blender first and then your greens. This will ensure it all blends together nicely without over heating your blender.  You can, of course, add more or less depending of your tastes. I like to add a handful of berries sometimes too.

Whizz it all together and you are done, bon appetit!


So…what are you waiting for?? Stop reading, go grab that blender and rock that smoothie!

Nic x