These course encompass a range of deep, process-oriented work and true self-exploration in a really supportive environment. We explore the whole self, through meditation, discussion and reflective writing exercises to activate healing in the body, mind, and soul.

Once of my magical groups – powerful, wise women.

Examples of Self-Development Courses:

Five week HEAL THYSELF series:

This will be your time to receive, reflect and feel rejuvenated when you leave with some tools to heal and look after yourself. A spiritual massage! There will be journaling exercises, meditation and key music to help you go within, look at some of your blocks and work through them.

Week 1 – Connecting to your higher self – what is your “higher self” and how do you connect to it? How do you stay connected to it all the time despite feeling negative emotions, or after meditation when you are out living a stressful day? We will do a meditation that you can apply to your daily living, and we will explore how you can apply your individual spiritual beliefs to your own practice, so that it feels real to you.

Week 2 – Separating your thoughts from your feelings. This is the key to understanding the body mind connection. Exercises will be geared at creating relaxation in the body, through connecting to and releasing deeply-rooted emotions – once we work through our busy minds!

Week 3 – Being mindful. What does it mean to be present when we are so worried about the future and we keep running stories from the past? We will learn some basic tools to work with your mind through your senses to create connection, presence and peace in your daily life.

Week 4 – Rewiring the brain, the brain-body connection. What are some negative patterns in your life; how do you self-sabotage? Meditation will focus on simple and easy tools to rewire the brain to change some long-standing self-defeating behaviours.

Week 5 – Healing through the heart. Self-compassion and forgiveness, two sides of the same coin. How does judgement, both of ourselves and others, hold us back in our daily lives? How can we bring greater love to situations by viewing them differently, so we don’t feel so separate?

5 Week HEAL THYSELF series – PART 2:

What blocks you from your spiritual progress? What sustains you? How does that show up in your body, in your life? Where do you feel separate? What holds you together, and conversely, what makes you fall apart? Deep guided meditation to feel into this.

Week 2: Brain/Body connection

What do you hold in your subconscious mind? How do past experiences unconsciously drive your attitudes, behaviours, habits and manifestations? How can we clear this and be in the driver’s seat? Let’s do some meditation and exercises – using science – to delve more deeply into the brain to clear what’s left.

Week 3: Shadow

Shadow work is more than about looking at “darker” emotions and being okay with them. It’s about integrating ALL that is inside of you and using it to elevate your life into a place of power. We will explore the difference between oneness and all-ness, and the difficulty of it.

Week 4: Surrender

The power of when to act, when to be still, when to let go, when to move forward, when to walk away. The ability to know when to give way to each of these different movements is subtle, and when mastered, you are in your power.

Week 5: Home of Intuition

Delve through your body – where does it live. It doesn’t just live in your third eye, as many mystics discuss, but rather through your body. Delve into deep meditations and activations to explore the power of what your body knows.

Testimonials from previous meditation courses:

Starting with private sessions and then moving into course has really helped me navigate a lot of current life issues, as well as heal a lot of old pent up hurt and open wounds. Thank you!

I learned a lot of things about myself through the thoughtful activities and questions Renu planned. I was able to uncover some thought patterns that have been holding me back for years now and I am starting to make positive changes in my life.

I loved how each class was focused on a specific topic and found that to be helpful throughout the week. I loved the guided meditations and felt they were very helpful as well as the journaling topics.

Thank you for making me realize I needed to look at myself and not the people around me to expect change. Thank you for making me look deeper into myself for the meaning of my emotions. You are an interesting teacher.

The class really helped me to be motivated to meditate on my own. It also taught me new ways to meditate. I am also learning how to let go of my anxiety.

Meditation in the group setting has really strengthened my personal practice. I have found that I am able to connect higher, deeper and faster.

This class reminded me of the tools I have within myself to heal, calm my mind and gain more clarity.

This class opened up a lot of emotions/feelings that I was unconsciously suppressing. Renu’s courses are always insightful and continuously help me learn about myself in ways I couldn’t do on my own. Thank you!

Really enjoyed your class Renu. I loved finding these things about myself I did not realize I do, and the tools taught me to work through them all!

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