Private Counselling Session

Renu’s aim is to empower others to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to create positive and  tangible shifts in their lives.

She has a broad wealth of experience in this field and brings fifteen years of coaching and counselling knowledge to her clients. Offering a holistic blend of scientific, psychological and spiritual approaches, Renu uses her expertise to tailor her services to each client’s needs, always putting their personal empowerment at the forefront of all that she does. 

Renu can help with the following issues:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • PTSD
  • addiction
  • relationship issues
  • financial blocks
  • feelings of being stuck and unable to move forward
  • negative beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours
  • physical ailments.

Tools that Renu uses in therapy:

  • dialoguing and getting to the route cause of recurring situations, Renu helps to break vicious cycles so that you can move forward.
  • establishing a positive connection between the brain and body to overcome trauma, facilitate new thought patterns and heal physical ailments.
  • teaching you how to use mindfulness, meditation, and energy (Reiki) to clear chronic physical, mental and emotional issues.
  • regression work – to heal childhood traumas and limiting beliefs.

Sessions are available in person or on Skype/Facetime. To book a private session with Renu, please fill out the Contact Form below. Services are tailored to meet individual needs using a combination of modalities. Renu will get back to you as soon as possible with availability , and is happy to answer any questions you have about what will take place in the first session.

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