Renu nailed, within two sessions, how my thought patterns affect my behaviour, and how to change emotional reactions in my body. She helped me work with my mind and body in such precise ways that I could feel a major shift in myself physically. She is also intensely intuitive and great at calling me on my bullshit, great at questioning me and pushing me to look at myself so that I can move forward. This was deeper than going to a traditional therapist, and it was the missing link I was looking for! 

Working with Renu has been life changing.  She helped me understand patterns, relationships and strengths in a way that made so much more sense.  She helped me understand myself better and showed me that it’s OK to be me, that I need to be me!  Renu has a magic way of uncovering truths or past hurts that are buried so deep down that I forgot they were even there and am left wondering “where did that come from?”, but it’s always exactly what needed to be unsurfaced.  She does all of this with such kindness, grace and support, never any judgement.  I have never worked with anyone else who so quickly gets to the core of a pattern, a problem, or an area where I am stuck.  

It is no exaggeration to say that the work I have done with Renu over the past couple of years has been life-changing. From her group workshops to her one on one sessions, Renu brings her gifts of healing, teaching, and knowledge to encourage and inspire her students/clients. She truly cares about her students and their progress and  offers a very personal, patient and kind approach to each session. 

Renu has been a mentor to me as I explore and understand my own healing and intuitive journey; through her guidance I have been able to identify and work on challenges and blocks in order to expand and live life with more clarity.

I have a gained a great deal of knowledge and practical applications from Renu’s courses on energy healing and meditation over the past two years. These courses are always set up in such a way that they honour each unique group and their specific needs. Renu instills in her students the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to discover their own gifts and power.
Thank you for sharing your energy, your passion, and your gifts with us all, Renu.

My sessions with Renu are always special. I often come to her feeling really good about things and wondering what it is we are going to work on that day. But we always find something. Renu is easy to talk to and is good at helping you discover exactly what it is you need to work on at that time. Her healing is powerful. I always leave feeling empowered and knowing exactly what I have to do next. 

I first went to see Renu because it felt like I was stuck in a cycle of behaviour that was preventing me from living the life I wanted.  I was unable to pinpoint what was making me frequently self-sabotage and struggled to talk with those close to me about this.  On my initial visit with Renu we mainly concentrated on body work whereby she made an assessment of where she felt I was blocked.   Afterwards we discussed what I had felt during the process and Renu gave me her conclusions of what she had felt from the energy I presented.  In 30mins (in which time we had barely spoken) she gave me an incredibly accurate and insightful description of who I am, what I excel at but also the darker aspects that I struggle to acknowledge or speak about.  She gave me ‘homework’ which were mostly key questions and issues to meditate on so that I would know what direction I wanted our sessions to take.

As my visits to Renu continued they became far more interactive.  We would begin each session discussing the work I had done in the 3 weeks since my last visit, we could then focus the next session on things that had arisen during meditation or the preceding weeks.  We worked on my feelings of self-worth with some regressional work to try and unlock negative memories, feelings and assertions I have held since childhood.  It was only then I could consider what it is that I want and the homework became focused on manifesting those things.

During my sessions with Renu we covered issues relating to my relationships – both familial and romantic, developed how I communicate, looked at what was making my work life unsatisfying.  I have been able to utilise certain tools and techniques and meditation to carry on the process that I began in these sessions.  It sounds trite to say but in the time between my first visit and now my life is barely recognisable, all three of the things I was looking to change in my life I have had the courage and conviction to make the change but to pursue the right things in their place.

C.L. – London

I took the Energy Healing Workshop with Renu and had a wonderful experience. Renu was a great teacher and brought together a small group that was chosen carefully from her previous interactions to ensure energy levels would correlate. The workshop was very enlightening and opened me to a true understanding of the chakras and the endless possibilities of energy healing.

As an instructor, Renu quickly adapted to the knowledge of the group and helped show us how to discover our own talents. Renu celebrated, encouraged and guided me as I honed in on my gifts even though they were not the same as others experienced. She created a safe space which allowed me to open up vulnerably without the concerns of being judged or hold back with fear of failure. The workshop’s learning manual has proven to be a key resource for me to look back on and continue my learning.

The workshop not only developed a deeper understanding and insight of the energy chakras, it also has helped with my individual sessions with Renu and healing myself. The course was a lovely experience for all ages and one that has inspired me to keep pursuing this path. (S.B. Vancouver)

Starting with private sessions and then moving into course has really helped me navigate a lot of current life issues, as well as heal a lot of old pent up hurt and open wounds. Thank you!

I loved how each class was focused on a specific topic and found that to be helpful throughout the week. I loved the guided meditations and felt they were very helpful as well as the journaling topics.

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