Spiritual Therapies


Spiritual Therapies offered by Renu:

Energy/DNA healing:  The treatments starts with an assessment and diagnosis of your energy body with an energy scan. A wide range of hands on healing techniques are then used to clear blocked energy that may be affecting your life negatively. This is done by working on a CELLULAR level.

Let me explain: Your thoughts create your reality.  A growing body of research suggests what you perceive dictates your physical wellness. If you are perceiving stress a whole set of hormones are released and neurological responses occur in the brain that alter  blood chemistry, thereby negatively affecting cells. Memories stay in your  DNA and continue to affect you throughout your life. Much of what is stifling your growth is  the subconscious mind. 95% of your mind is subconscious, which means you are only aware of 5% of what is going on! You might think to yourself, ‘But I DO believe I deserve the best!’ Yes your conscious mind,  5% of you does, but we need to convince the other part – that 95% part of you that you don’t even know, to also agree.

You may have all sorts of things in there that you don’t even realize are stifling you:  negative experiences, memories, traumas, beliefs that are not even yours, etc.  All of these messages are transmitted from your brain to your cells and stored there as cellular memory, thus creating a certain field of energy around you. Your unique energy-body emits a frequency  to the universe that brings about negative experiences that on the surface you don’t feel you deserve.  They create illnesses, negative relationships, lack of abundance or feelings of not being supported.

The goal during  the session is to bring that subconscious to light and heal the cellular memories  so that your energy body is operating at a higher frequency to bring about love, peace, joy and abundance to your life.  How does this work through energy healing? Because cells are made of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms are simply waves of energy!

This type of work is useful for the following conditions:

  • physical illness or injury
  • depression/anxiety
  • negative life patterns
  • inability to achieve goals and desires (feeling “stuck”)

Regression: this type of therapy helps address the above issues by recalling past events  (or events from other lifetimes) locked in your subconscious. In this cognitively altered state, blocks in the DNA and energy field will be cleared, thus helping to heal current traumas or negative life patterns.

Releasing contracts with others: This is meant to focus on healing particular relationships in your life that are energetically binding you. By this I mean those relationships that are causing you pain or are holding you back in some way. It could be you have an on-going issue with a person, or they have an energetic “hold” on you that prevents you from moving forward. We look at energetically releasing that ‘hold’ and  so that you can move forward in your journey.

Numerology/Soul Path Reading: Detailed analysis and reading  of your life’s challenges, talents, goals and soul destiny based on the sacred ancient Hebrew numerological system. This complex system helps identify and explain why you’ve come into this lifetime with certain experiences and what you can do fulfil your true potential.

*Soul Path Readings and distance healing are available over skype

Prices vary depending on treatment.

Please contact: renup393@hotmail.com or call 778-891-3932



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