Energy Healing

These course encompass a range of deep, process-oriented work and true self-exploration in a really supportive environment. We explore the whole self, through meditation, discussion and reflective writing exercises to activate healing in the body, mind, and soul.

I am an experienced Energy Healing Teacher, offering a comprehensive course that is deeper than Reiki and other traditional modalities of healing. It includes my knowledge of healing others on a DNA/cellular level. Included in the course, is my aim to help others develop their intuitive, psychic and own healing abilities.

This workshop includes the following:

  • Detailed guidance on each of the 7 vital energy chakras in your energy system
  • important information as to how blocked energy centers can create discord/blocks in your life and/or affect your physical health.
  • We will engage each chakra with specific meditations, yoga poses, and emotional work through writing.
  • Music and movement will, also, be included to engage the energy centers.
  • Most people find they experience a profound release after working through each chakra and feel a shift in their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This will increase your sensitivity to doing energy work as your energy channels will be clear and flowing.

This experience will be a vital stepping stone to being an energy healer yourself, as it is through invoking a deep connection with each of your chakras and feeling into them will you truly understand their complexities and what it means to heal them in yourself and others.  

What you will learn about energy healing:

  • †the science behind energy healing and why it works
  • how to sense and feel energy in your hands and body
  • how to give and receive energy consciously
  • how to protect yourself and your space energetically both at home, work and in relationships
  • what depletes your energy and how to build your vibrational field
  • how to sense blocks and release them
  • how to do a complete energy healing treatment that covers all the chakras, as well as techniques to focus on a specific energy block
  • how to incorporate energy healing into yoga
  • how to incorporate energy healing to create a better workplace in interactions with others

 I will help each individual hone in on their specific spiritual gifts and suggest ways to help these gifts unfold.

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